Tunisia88 is a program that has established and now supports 592 student-led after-school music and life skills clubs in all public Tunisian high schools.

There are 3000 students currently who are currently participating in the program and 4000 who have graduated. Together, these 7000 students, along with their 444 original songs, have put on more than 800 events nationwide, for more than 100,000 spectators.

This program, as well as all concerts, are presented with the dual belief that music cultivates respect for difference and that artists can be global citizens.

Tunisia88 was created in partnership with the Tunisian NGO Action et Développement Solidaire, the Tunisian Ministry of Education and the Institute of the European Investment Bank.  In addition Tunisia88 is supported by numerous partnerships including the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United States State Department, the Canadian Embassy, ENDA Inter-arabe, Fondation Tunisie pour le développement, the bank UBCI, StarOil, the City of Culture, and numerous other partners.

To learn more about Tunisia88, please visit : linktr.ee/Tunisia88