88 INTERNATIONAL’s mission is to access the universality of music to bring together people from diverse backgrounds.  We create and implement programs that inspire and empower each of us to become an active participant in delivering and appreciating music performance.

We carry out our mission through education, engagement, and entrepreneurship.

Our humanitarian crises are a result of discord. From climate change to dealing with oppressive regimes, to disaster relief – cooperation is fundamental though ever more elusive. The crisis itself makes nations (and individuals) focus on self-preservation rather than focus on enlightened collective interest and the universal truth: that we cannot solve our problems alone.

There is no greater unifier than MUSIC; cutting through all differences; bringing disparate worldviews together and forming the foundation for trust. It is the perfect convening point – something we all agree upon – while dealing with the difficult work of making our world in harmony with our ideals.

It’s easy to overlook music in a world where billions of people lack basic services. Our instinct is to focus on food and shelter, however, the healing, hope, and meaning that come from the arts are also often needed in such situations; to give people the strength to carry on and inspire through beauty.

88 INTERNATIONAL works to make such experiences possible, around the globe.